Natural Rhythm is conveniently located inside the office of Sandpoint Chiropractic.

We have a
• Doctor of chiropractic
• Massage therapist
• Ayurveda practitioner
• Therapeutic Yoga

Susan Scorah LMT and Dr. Ryan Webster of Sandpoint Chiropractic are passionate about helping people achieve pain reduction, better range of motion, and increased strength from auto accidents (usually 100% covered by insurance), sports injuries, repetitive motion injuries, back/neck/joint pain and prenatal pain.

Natural Rhythm:
To book appointments, better to text Susan at 208-304-0411
If you don’t like to text, leave a message or call our receptionist at 208-265-9400

Sandpoint Chiropractic:
If you would like to coordinate an appointment for Chiropractic and massage call
208-265-9400 or go to

Email us: