Susan has been a part of the medical massage community since 2005 when working at the employee spa at Coldwater Creek involved working with a host of injuries caused from athletes who used the gym. She was also an active marathon runner for 30 years and was passionate about massage to improve athletic performance.

Medical massage is a little different from regular deep tissue or relaxation massage as it is designed to focus on only the area of discomfort. Usually the client is fully dressed and the appointment is 30 minutes or less, and most people get better in less than 4 visits!

Myotherapy (Medical Massage) $ 45.00

1st visit – An assessment is made and treatment plan is laid out – followed by hands on therapy. Ice or heat may be applied.

2nd visit – Assess the changes in pain and movement followed by hands on therapy.


Chiropractic adjustments seem to last longer after massage – if you are interested in an adjustment with Dr. Ryan Webster call 208-265-9400 to coordinate an adjustment and massage on the same day. We are conveniently located in the same office.