Nourishment for body, mind and soul.

Experience holistic nutrition and upgrade your health habits through Ayurvedic consulting and offerings, including Natural Rhythm’s signature 10-week detox class to jumpstart a healthier lifestyle.

Nutrition Consulting
An important aspect of an Ayurveda consultation includes nutritional coaching which will help restore your body from imbalance to balance. Learn more

10-Week Detox Class
Create healthier habits and a healthier “you” during this 10-week exploration in Ayurveda nutrition and detoxing. The class is offered 2 times a year to align with the optimal seasons for detoxing. The course includes delicious, traditional recipes designed to be inspiring and easy—even for those who aren’t very adventurous in the kitchen.

Coming Soon! Seasonal Cooking Classes
During the coming year I (Susan) will be incorporating seasonal cooking classes to inspire those who need to see it, do it, and taste it before they make a habit of it at home. You will also learn more about the foods that harmonize with your body, and the season. Check back again soon!